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Trumpet Blossom Café filling IC’s vegan niche

Taking the first step into Iowa City’s Trumpet Blossom Café, visitors will notice the bright and casual atmosphere from the wood paneled walls to the sunlight streaming through the restaurant’s windows.

Restaurant owner Katy Meyer, 33, said changing the space from its former bar venue as the Hideaway Tavern & Grill to the new vegan eatery came with some challenges but resulted in a positive end result.

“While the Hideaway was more a bar with a kitchen, this is more of a restaurant with a bar,” Meyer said.

While Trumpet Blossom Café boasts a friendly dining atmosphere as well as a stage for weekly music and a full bar. Meyer said the staple of the venue is the food, which includes a wide array of vegan and gluten free dishes.

“We are trying to appeal to everybody,” said Meyer, who co-owned the Red Avocado from 2005 to its close…
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